New Skip-A-Payment Program

A member may be eligible to skip a loan payment every six posted consecutive payments, providing that all their Clearpath accounts are in good standing and current.

Loan payment skips are available for up to 3 consecutive months.

Interest will continue to accrue and the skipped payment will cause the loan to extend beyond the original maturity date, which may change the total amount and schedule of repayment. In addition:

  • All skip requests must be approved by Clearpath
  • Skip a Payment fees: 1 month-$30, 2 months-$60, 3 months-$90
  • Loans must have originated at least 6 months prior for eligibility
  • Real Estate Secured Loans, Property Secured Loans, Certificate Secured Loans, Overdrive Program and Drive 4 Less Loans are ineligible

Download and print the Skip-A-Payment Application click here.

If you would like us to mail an application to you, please call the Credit Union at (800) 433-7328