Direct Deposit

Why drive to the Credit Union to deposit your paycheck, dividend, pension or government check? Set up Direct Deposit instead. Your checks will be electronically sent to your dedicated Clearpath checking or savings account automatically. You can deposit the entire amount or split the funds into different accounts. Your money will be available immediately. Not only will you save time, you won't have to worry about checks getting lost in the mail.

If you'd like to verify a deposit, simply call our Automated Teller at (800) 433-7328, Option 1, or access your account through Online Banking.

How to set up Direct Deposit?

  • Ask your employer or the agency that issues the check if they offer Direct Deposit
  • If the answer is yes, provide the payer with Clearpath's routing number 322078998 and your account number(s)

Need any help? Please call the Credit Union at (800) 433-7328.